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That story devoted to my Teacher.

       We joked with James if he wanted do not lose something he should signed it by my address!

       In 1999, when James was going to leave Ukraine, many his friends and students had a headache, what to prepare as a memory gift about classes. I knew that some of them prepared traditional Ukrainian souvenirs like mace,  pisanka and plates, but James already had them even two on three copies of them because he stayed in Ukraine 3 years. That was reason, that I started to think how to find something different and original as souvenir for memory. Fortunately I reminded about a lesson when we discussed different  weekend’s activities and games… on the blackboard  were wrote a long list of activities, that started with chess, poker, squash, watch TV and the students in class were out of ideas,  but James continued us to think about something missing. I opened a dictionary and suddenly found one more activity – backgammon game! James told us that he liked that very interesting game and he used to play it. So, that was my choice to find a nice backgammon board with original bones. I and my husband Ihor gifted backgammon to James at his Farewell Party in Vinnitsa in 1999. There was a special metal plate signed from my Family on that board.  James left Ukraine a few days later after he finished his 3 years tour of job.

          In 2000, half a year later, I received a letter from Air Company with the information that Company finally found my lost baggage. They informed me that baggage which I had lost while flying over the Europe was sent to Ukraine and I could take it at Boryspil AirPort. Firstly I thought that it was a practical joke, because I did not made any trip over the Europe that time. But the letter was official, signet and there were back address and telephone number. So, I called to Air company and was surprised that lost baggage was the backgammon board and it come back to Ukraine because my address was written on the metal plate installed at the board.

         The part of James’ baggage was lost when he flow from Egypt to the UK and backgammon board was indicated by signet plate and it was sent to Ukraine. My husband Ihor spent many times, visiting Kyiv’s Office of Air Company and Ukrainian Customs Service, to explain how I could lose baggage even I did not fly. They tried to force us to pay some fee for delivering that item to Ukraine, to pay for the time of keeping at storage, to pay custom duties, but finally Ihor took backgammon board from Air Company. Ihor called to James about that event and told him that we were ready to gift him Flying Backgammon one time more! James answered that he had found the additional reason to visit Ukraine. It really happened when James visited Ukraine second time in 2001.

         We joked with James if he wanted do not lose something he should signed it by my address!

Olha Pastushyna, Student of Group # 2.